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Parenting Against Gun Violence

Parenting could possibly be the most important element in being combative against gun violence. No matter what it outside source such as school attempts to institutes to your children remember it start at home first. The type decision you make from adolescenthood up until adulthood will be based upon rather you had good set of…
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Stop Gun Violence

As Robertsway.Org comes together to heal, so must the nation. Part of our healing must be the conviction that we will do everything in our power to keep tragedies like this from happening again. We must not show a greater concern for the  high profile shootings like “Sandy Hook Elementary” or the “Aurora Movie” or…
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Coming Together

Not one individuals or one organization can eradicate the mystery of gun violence. If we are to be succeed in are attempt to eliminate gun violence it will take a collaborative effort amongst residents, politicians, law enforcement, and other supporting entities. Enforcement Responsibility: To reduce gun violence include a wide range of efforts to interrupt…
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healing the community

In spite of how impactful Robertsway.Org movement is and organizations alike, we’ve come to realization that we will not be able to prevent every single death due to gun. But we will remain optimistic and resilience in attempt the eradicate our neighbors, and community of gun violence. Losing a loved-one is hard it places a…
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