Community Giftback

In the midst of one of the most deadliest years in Milwaukee County the RobertsWay Organization attempted to mend the wounds of the bleeding city a total of 154 by celebrated its first annual, “Christmas Community Giftback”.

The holidays are typically a time reserved and spent amongst friends and family members. What about those individuals that don’t have any friends, close relatives, and being neglected by others and family members. Well the staff of RobertsWay welcomes you into their family with open arms.

The true essence of christmas is recognizing and being sympathetic to someone else situation that’s worse than your owns and, “Providing a Helping Hand”. Translation: it’s not about what you’ve received it’s about what you already currently own and willing to give to someone else, “Your Heart”!!

The event was a success and overall the turnout was to our satisfactory. We can continue to have this event annually and expand upon it with the help and support of generous donors such as yourself.

Please Donate. Thank you for your support!!!

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