Stop Gun Violence

As Robertsway.Org comes together to heal, so must the nation. Part of our healing must be the conviction that we will do everything in our power to keep tragedies like this from happening again. We must not show a greater concern for the  high profile shootings like “Sandy Hook Elementary” or the “Aurora Movie” or probably the most famous, “The Columbine High School massacre”. It’s the one that happen daily claims over 30,000 lives every year that we must strive to prevent.

We struggle to make sense of these unspeakable acts of gun violence and to find ways to comfort the families and community that are affected by this incomprehensible violence.

They are 33,880 people die from gun violence each year.

  • 11,564 people are murdered
  • 21,037 people kill themselves
  • 544 people are killed unintentionally
  • 468 are killed by police intervention
  • 267 die but intent is not known

Things can be done to reduce gun violence

  • Tighten restrictions on gun sales
  • Provide an opportunity for children and adults
  • Address illegal firearm sales
  • Reduce the lethality of gun
  • Educational gun programs should be in schools
  • Conduct gun violence research
  • Ammunition Regulation
  • Effective Parenting

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