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In spite of how impactful Robertsway.Org movement is and organizations alike, we’ve come to realization that we will not be able to prevent every single death due to gun. But we will remain optimistic and resilience in attempt the eradicate our neighbors, and community of gun violence. Losing a loved-one is hard it places a huge burden on our hearts and it become difficult to negative throughout life. To comfort and inspire us in these difficult times we must provide resources to help us take care of ourselves and each other, and strengthen our sense of community for the journey ahead afterwards.

Before we explain how RobertsWay approach on healing the community it’s important for you to understand community healing?

A Healing Community seeks to engage congregations in the restoration and healing of people affected by crime, incarceration and reintegration.

Faith community’s unique strengths.
A Healing Community offers a place where the belief systems and unique strengths of the faith community are invoked -- acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, redemption and restoration. It can offer what programs and services generally cannot -- the transformation of hearts and minds and the building of relationships that support people.

Who is served
A Healing Community serves both the individuals and their families affected by the criminal justice system and reentry – for instance, the mother and her son who is in prison, the wife and children and the father who was just arrested etc. “This is a ministry that starts with people you already know.

Timing of service.
A Healing Community may help members of the congregation and their families at any time from arrest through the return home from prison.

Nature of service.
A Healing Community offers a ministry of presence; they “walk with the person” and connect them to their faith. The community’s members open their hearts and offer an embrace him of love and understanding -- without necessarily providing the services that programs deliver.

A Healing Community seeks to strengthen families and communities by creating a sense of welcome inclusion, by reducing stigma and shame, and by building networks of support that start in houses of worship and expand to the community at large.

Personal Responsibility.
A Healing Community facilitates taking responsibility for harm done and encourages taking action to repair harm to the victim, community, family and self.

A Healing Community transforms the congregation, which leads to the transformation of neighborhoods and communities.

Some feel that’s it’s only necessary to perform an act of healing when the community has been has affected or injured. But if you perform an act of healing within the community prior to it being affected you would of prevented it initially.

The very existence of the RobertsWay Organization is the result of healing. More specifically it was a way for Gloria Nichols (President of the Board of Director’s) to heal. She lost her only one and begotten son Robert James Jr. due to gun violence on August 19, 2014. As a result of the tragic situation instead of allowing it to become a blockage in her life, like so many other who endured a similar incident she placed her heartache, pain and emotions on hold. Ms.Nichols became fed up with the current proceedings in her community set forth a mission, and vowed to let no individual to suffer the same faith as her. She inherited a rare form strength and resilience to carry on her son’s legacy in the form of RobertsWay. The blueprint and foundation of the organization is built upon Robert James Jr. greatest principals and beliefs. The company is called RobertsWay, simply because because Roberts James Jr. did things his way, he had alternative route to life, it was shortcut that lead a village of people to opportunity, prosperity,and happiness.

What it takes for a community to heal and how frequently it’s done can differ drastically. That’s why the RobertsWay Organization offers a wide array programs and services to help the aid the community in the healing process.

How we heal the community

24-Hour hotline Support: We provide counseling strategies aimed at helping the individual cope with crisis in ways that reduce the negative physiological and behavioral effects of trauma on that person and his or her environment.

Job Training Skills: We provide the youth job training skills in; automotive repair, home repair, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Community Based Residential Facility.

Project Smiles: Annually we event after christmas to benefit the children whose parent’s that have been victimized of gun violence. We provide christmas gifts, activities, and food, to show these unfortunate children they are not forgotten.

Community Giftback: Annually on christmas day, we provide Christmas gifts, bag lunches,blankets, socks, clothing, and other miscellaneous clothing to the homeless and less fortunate.

The Remembrance of Robert James: because Roberts James was such as influential human being, a significance figure in society and loved by many in the community and who ever he encounter we host a event on August 19 yearly in his honor. On this day we have a community cookout, provide free haircuts for boys and, hair styling for girls, gift card giveaways,drawings, school supplies, face painting, bounce houses, live music from a dee jay, and other activities for children.

Tea Party Parenting Course: The tea party setting is are unique approach for parenting where you can feel free to socialize without any limitations, be comfortable around a supportive friendly case, exchange ideas without the fear of judgement, and be yourself. For most parents no matter their background or socioeconomic standing parenting can be very challenging. Their no one way written rule on raise your children because each child is different. From our parenting course you can gain an insight on; mastering basics of parenting,stay abreast of the latest research, learn how to engage with your children, discover how match your parenting style with your child’s personality, gain confidence, develop a support network, and parent your way to happier children.

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