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Coming Together

Not one individuals or one organization can eradicate the mystery of gun violence. If we are to be succeed in are attempt to eliminate gun violence it will take a collaborative effort amongst residents, politicians, law enforcement, and other supporting entities. Enforcement Responsibility: To reduce gun violence include a wide range of efforts to interrupt…
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healing the community

In spite of how impactful Robertsway.Org movement is and organizations alike, we’ve come to realization that we will not be able to prevent every single death due to gun. But we will remain optimistic and resilience in attempt the eradicate our neighbors, and community of gun violence. Losing a loved-one is hard it places a…
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Community Giftback

In the midst of one of the most deadliest years in Milwaukee County the RobertsWay Organization attempted to mend the wounds of the bleeding city a total of 154 by celebrated its first annual, “Christmas Community Giftback”.

The holidays are typically a time reserved and spent amongst friends and family members. What about those individuals that don’t have any friends, close relatives, and being neglected by others and family members. Well the staff of RobertsWay welcomes you into their family with open arms.

The true essence of christmas is recognizing and being sympathetic to someone else situation that’s worse than your owns and, “Providing a Helping Hand”. Translation: it’s not about what you’ve received it’s about what you already currently own and willing to give to someone else, “Your Heart”!!

The event was a success and overall the turnout was to our satisfactory. We can continue to have this event annually and expand upon it with the help and support of generous donors such as yourself.

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1st Annual Remembrance: 2015

The RobertsWay Organization would like to take the time to thank all those who joined us as we celebrated our First Annual Remembrance of Robert James Jr, it’s done to pay homage to Robert’s life, his legacy, and his way. We especially would like to thank the residents of Atkinson community for allowing us to host the event prestige location, without the support of the Atkinson Community it would been impossible to enjoy the festive day appropriately.

Gloria Nichols & Lena C. Taylor

Gloria Nichols & Lena C. Taylor

onoring Ms. Gloria Nichols with a plaque and officially declaring August 19th “Robert’s Day: A Day of Remembrance”. That’s just a tip of the iceberg, Ms.Taylor presented us an ingratiating performance of her version of the, “Dougie Dance”. You can become a witness to her gracious dance moves in video above. It was a real treat to have her in attendance.

We are very appreciative to all those who contributed to the event, and all those who volunteer their time. Today’s event is just a testament of what's to come, with each passing year the event you become bigger and better with the aid and support of generous donors such as yourself. If Robert could only see us today as progress, I’m sure he would say we doing things the right way because it's the, “Robertsway”.

Please Donate Now. Thank you for your support!!!