RobertsWay: Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

$376 of $150,000 raised

No more shall our children  have to suffer and become be a victim of gun violence rather a,"Victim of Full Life, Joy and Prosperity!!”

We would like to thank in you advance, with the  financial support of generous donations such as yourself  we can eradicate our communities of gun violence. Though we are more than delighted to receive large donations, it is the sum total of the smaller contributions that dependably undergird our operation. Every contribution is significant! The gift you may think  has marginal value and of little consequence is the very thing that will make all the difference to people in need.

How are my donations used?

Every gift to RobertsWay Organization is used to provide families and individuals with a variety of community-strengthening resources. When you give to us you help support:

  • The training of our, automotive repair, home repair, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Community Based Residential Facility programs.
  • 24-Hour crisis hotline
  • Promotional Material: TV, radio, print and online ads.
  • Community Events: Remembrance of Roberts James,  Community Tea Party, Community Giftback, and Project smiles
  • The staff  and housing of the RobertsWay Facility


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