what we do

Anger Management


RobertsWay.org also offers, to the public, anger management courses. Anger is one of the reason’s that causes violent outburst, the reason why the murder rate is so high in Milwaukee. People don’t know how to deploy anger successfully. It is important for us to educate our youth on the effects of gun violence and how their decisions impact the community. We provide this information by presenting live media interviews, lectures and slideshows at schools, libraries and other public venues. For helpful tips click read more below.



A high school diploma and/or college degree will open doors to better opportunities, better jobs with higher pay. Robertsway.org offers a literacy program for adults and children, from tutoring, homework help to GED and HSED prep courses.

Vocational Training


We offer young men and women the opportunity to specialize in job training programs of their particular interest which includes; automotive repair, home repair, Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN), and Community -Based Residential Facility training (CBRF).

Parenting Course


Have you heard,of the saying, “ It start at home.” Well when it relates to the manner of educating our youth on guns that statement couldn’t be any more true. Parents play a key role in developing safe practices and are ultimately responsible for the behavior and safety of their children. Especially since the usage of a firearms is promoted by the media as a tool to solve one’s differences. Isolated lessons and concepts can quickly be forgotten but with repetition, children remember standard safety procedures. The goal of the RobertsWay.org parenting program is to help you bring up an important safety issue with your child. It's not a complicated or confusing message, and it's easy and fun to teach.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline


The primary reason why many problems escalate into gun violence many individuals feel they don’t have anyone to reach out to. Robertsway.org is within arms reach always available to provide an imperative intervention to deescalate a variety of issues.

With the goal of helping people in distress and preventing gun-violence, Robertsway.Org free, confidential, 24-hour emotional support and crisis response hotline service is available on an immediate and ongoing basis to help people who are dealing with every kind of problem, illness, trauma or loss as they try to cope with their difficulties.

The hotline provides those in crisis (as well as the people who care for them) with a 24-hour safety net that can be used to fill-in service gaps, bridge between appointments and act as a source of ongoing emotional maintenance for those with chronic emotional issues.