Who we are

The legacy of Robert James Jr.


RobertsWay.Org was created in honor of Robert James Jr. He was murdered in August of 2014. Robert valued education and hard work. He would offer strangers employment and a place to live.
When many of his tenants with children didn’t have furniture, food, or clothing for their children he would purchase these items for them. He enjoyed buying houses and training young men in home improvement. Through this corporation we will keep his legacy going and strive to make changes in the community so the future looks brighter for the children of Milwaukee County.


To inspire people to be a unit while guiding them to achieve their full potential by providing affordable homes;building relationships with other neighbors, communities and,public services workers; getting the community involved in the safety of its citizens by reporting crime when it happens block watch and clean up.

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In a Nutshell About Us!

RobertsWay.Org is a community-based organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that provides people of all ages with a variety of programs and resources that empowers their community and drive social change.
We are a gun violence prevention organization and shall not be stop at nothing in becoming victorious in battle against it. The services provided enables people to lift themselves out of poverty and celebrate life. Enabling our communities to become stronger, healthier, and by providing our youth essential skills to become successful and opportunity to live life.

We can defeat gun violence.