Robert James brought joy to everyone he encountered. He accomplished something "Amazing” in the community. Throughout it all; the pain, the hurt, and the sorrow instead of Ms. Gloria Nichols becoming complacent like many of the others that endured a similar tragedy. She took an alternative approach by becoming motivated and even more determined to break the cycle of "Gun Violence" by offering her hand and taking it upon herself to prevent individuals from suffering the same faith as her. Ms.Gloria Nichols is very courageous she and along with the RobertsWay Organization demonstrates the highest form of resilience to carry on Robert James Jr. legacy.

Lena C. Taylor , Wisconsin State Senator - 4th District

In a time of need where advocates and good-doers seem to be scarce I couldn’t be any more appreciative and proud of the efforts and initiative Ms. Gloria Nichols and her organization has taken in restoring faith in the community and providing empowerment to the youth. Truly an inspiration, definitely a rare jewel in the community.

Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee

I’ve attended several of the RobertsWay “Tea Party Parenting Course”, I believe as I attend each one it just continues to get better. First and foremost I got to let it be known the decor was so beautiful and the food was to die for. The staff was very welcoming, friendly, comforting, and affable. The allure of the atmosphere made a girl feel right home. The curriculum was very informative and the approach within itself was very unique. I encourage all mothers, from all walks to life to attend you may just learn a thing or two and eat good while you're at it.

Joyce Young , Kindergarten Teacher